1. Success Criteria – Physical Education

PRIMARY schools that can fulfil all the following success criteria will be awarded the Active School Flag.

1.1 PE – Planning and CurriculumYES
All pupils receive 1 hour of timetabled PE every week, as a minimum.
Our school engages in collaborative PE planning
Each class is taught 5 different PE strands every year and a balanced amount of time is given to each strand.
1.2 PE – Resources YES
Our school ensures that PE equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible
Our school has an easily accessible PE resource library
Our school has adequate, age appropriate equipment to facilitate the delivery of the PE curriculum and to promote physical activity during break times
Our school makes maximum use of our resources and facilities, and those in the local community, to ensure the delivery a broad and balanced PE curriculum at every class level
1.3 PE – Professional Development YES
Members of staff engage in CPD in the areas of physical education, physical activity and sport on an ongoing basis and resources and ideas arising out of the CPD are shared out amongst staff members

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