All schools, wising to apply for ASF, before the end of June, are asked to read the following information before submitting their application form.

Applications ADVICE

If you missed the ‘Nearly There’ webinar please view the following before submitting your application form.

‘Nearly There’ – slideshow

‘Nearly There’ – FAQs





Submission DATES

We will continue to screen submitted ASF application forms up until June 18th.

We will endeavour to ensure that applications received before this date* will receive their accreditation phone call before the end of June, but we cannot guarantee this.   

Applications received after June 18th will be saved and forwarded to the screening process on October 1st when the screening process for 21/22 will open. 

* Once a Further Information Request (FIR)/Further Development Request (FDR) isn’t issued.


Submission of PPT’s

At the moment we are receiving a lot of large files containing PowerPoints/slideshows and it is slowing our system down considerably.

If your school has a website could we ask that you upload the PPT/slideshow to one of the pages on your school website and insert the URL for that page into the application form.

Thanking you, in advance, for your cooperation in this respect.